Environmentalists against War:First Ever Eco-Auto Parade Rolls Out in SF
February 7, 2003

Lead by a one-person electric Sparrow, the convoy of "eco-autos" heads from Nob Hill to the San Francisco Civic Center. Credit: Photos: San Francisco Chronicle
On January 18, nearly one million citizens filled America's streets to protest George W. Bush's mad march to war. In San Francisco, there were not one but three marches. In addition to the main parade up Market Street, there was a feeder parade comprised of gay and lesbian marchers and - for the first time - a special "environmental" wing marching behind the banner "Environmentalists against War."

The environmental march was organized by Working Assets with the support of the Sierra Club, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Ecology Center, Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network, Bluewater Network, Earth Island Institute, Greenpeace and Project Underground. Walk SF, the SF Bicycle Coalition and other like-minded organizations added to a coalition that represented millions of Americans who support energy conservation in the name of national security and oppose the tactical use of nuclear weapons.

The event began with an 11 AM rally at Grace Cathedral high atop San Francisco's Nob Hill. At the rally, leaders of major environmental organizations joined alternative transportation advocates to highlight the connections between America's dependence on foreign oil and US plans for a preemptive attack on Iraq.

The-Edge was invited to organize the "oil-free transport zone" of the march. We sent out a call inviting environmentalists and alternative vehicle owners to join the march on foot, on bikes, on scooters, in electric vehicles (EVs), "veggie-vans" and hybrid vehicles. The response exceeded all expectations and the story of the world's first "parade of environmental autos" was reported around the world.

At noon, after Grace Cathedral's Environmental Minister The Rev. Sally Bingham presided over a "blessing of the vehicles," the parade began with hundreds of environmentalists on foot. The marchers were followed by scores of bicyclists, riders zipping, zigging and zagging over the pavement on electric ZAP scooters and more than 100 eco-vehicles.

The parade of Eco-Autos was headed by a tiny electric Sparrow automobile and moved up through sedans, Ford Think!s, electric RAV4s, vans and a flatbed truck to one of the City of Berkeley's Ecology Center massive recycling trucks - powered by100-percent biodiesel fuel.

This rolling environmental celebration filled several city blocks as it purred silently towards San Francisco's Civic Center for the 1 PM rally - the world's first-ever, anti-war green machine convoy.

Many of the eco-autos bore bumper stickers that read "Real Patriots Drive Hybrids." Hundreds of marchers and drivers waved yellow placards with slogans reading: "Go Solar, Not Ballistic!" and "If war is inevitable... Start Drafting SUV Drivers Now!"

There was only one oil-burning anachronism in the parade - a single fossil-fueled SUV, which was pulled through the streets dragging trail of orange plastic gas cans and plastered with a banner bearing the slogan: "Axle of Evil."

Anti-war Slogans Seen at the San Francisco Rally
By Peter L. Hoag, Ph.D.

Peace march
Approximately 100 different poster slogans were observed at the January 18 Anti-war rally in San Francisco. The slogans can be broken down into Anti-War Statements (32%), Anti-Bush Statements (27%), Anti-Middle East Involvement (13%) Anti-Oil Industry (10%), all other statements (18%). The following statements were recorded.

Axis of Weasel
Bush = Big Oil = Military Industrial Complex = War
Bush is an embarrASSment to the nation.
Bush is NOT Christian.
Bush will kill more Americans than any terrorist.
Bush's policy: endangering America and enraging the world.
Bush's war is a weapon of mass destruction.
Cut the Bushes not the trees.
Drop Bush not bombs!
George Bush use your words -- duh!
George, it is time to plant the evidence.
I have a dream [Photo: Bush and Cheney in Prison]
I have impeachable tastes [Photo: Bush]
Impeach Bush
Impeach the DIM SUM [Photo: Bush]
Just say no to our unelected president.
Martin Luther King had a dream; Bush is his nightmare!
Message to Bush: prove it.
No to Busharon
Say no to Bush's nonsense.
Stop Bush's program of war, racism and poverty.
Stop this cowboy shit.
The only thing we have to fear is Bush.
Wanted for Terror: Oman Bush Laden.
War Monger [Photo: Bush]
Who is the real maniac?

Don't be fooled into supporting this war.
Fix Afghanistan first.
How to create a million terrorists: bomb Iraq!
Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam.
Iraq means Vietnam in Arabic
Marshall Plan for Afghanistan
No justice on stolen land.
No War on Iraq.
Our grief is not a cry for war.
Stop aid to Israel.
Terrorists wear suits.
This war is wrong.
We will all have to live with this war legacy.

Drivers for Peace
Are you willing to die for Exxon?
Blood is more precious than oil.
Develop alternative fuels.
Do not spend my tax dollars to support your gas habit.
Go Solar Not Ballistic
How many lives per gallon of oil?
If we're going to war, start recruiting SUVF owners now!
No blood for oil.
No bombing of children for oil.
No more blood for oil.

American Families United for Peace
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Basta! Enough!
Diplomacy Not War
Drop acid not bombs
Family Values Against War
Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.
Give peace a chance.
Humans don't kill for war.
I pledge allegiance to this earth.
Is war the answer?
Love is the Antiwar.
Make Cookies Not War
Mankind must put an end to war or war will end mankind.
More candy and less war.
No Fear No War
No War Stupid!
Not In Our Name
Peace begins with how we raise our children.
Peace for all our relationships
Peoples Not Yet Overcome by War Madness
Quakers for Peace
The first casualty of war is truth.
Unilateral is un-American.
Visualize peace, justice and love.
Walking for Peace
War is man's dumbest intention.
War is not the answer.
War is still not healthy for children.
War is stupid.
Where is Eleanor Roosevelt? We need her.
You can bomb the world to pieces, but you cannot bomb it to PEACE.

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security".
Big boys use words.
Good guy's don't strike first.
I pledge allegiance to this earth.
I support regime changes in the US
More Schools Not Bombs
No more INS roundups.
Racial profiling will not make you safer
Republic or Empire?
Star Spangled Bummer
Stop kissing corporate butts.
What's really going on?
Who is the biggest baddest rogue nation?
You reap what you sew.
Regime changes start at home.
Think "America"
"Fear US!" [Slogan replaces stars in US flag]
No Global Police State

Signs Spotted at the Washington, DC Peace Rally
These colors don't run the world.
One nation under surveillance.
How did our oil get under their sand?
Go Solar, not Ballistic.
Who would Jesus bomb?
Start Drafting SUV Drivers Now.
Don't blame me, I voted with the majority.
Buck Fush!
It's NUCLEAR, not NUCULAR, you idiot!
Patriots are idiots - Matriarchy Now!
Resistance is Fertile.
Pictures of sheep carrying flags) Stop Mad Sheep Disease Now.
(UFW sign) Pick Fruit, not Fights.
(On a five year old) More Candy Less War.
Say can you see my democracy?
(With pictures of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) Asses of Evil.
It's the oil, stupid.
War is expensive, Peace is priceless.
Read between the Pipelines
No More Bu.Sh.
Smart weapons, Dumb president.
The only thing we have to fear is Bush himself.
How many Lives per Gallon?
Peace Takes Brains
Anything War can do, Peace can do better.
Negotiation Not Annihilation.
Make touchdowns, not war - Go Raiders!
Another patriot for peace.
Oh Say can You Cease?
Star Spangled Bummer
Don't Arm a Son of a Bush
Don't do it, George, Dad will still love you.
Power to the Peaceful
The last time we listened to a Bush, we wandered in the desert for 40 years.
Drunk Frat Boy Drives Nation into Ditch. Starts War to Cover up.

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