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February 28, 2003

The-Edge Scoops the New York Times
USA - On January 31, the New York Times ran an article by CIA Senior Political Analyst Stephen Pelletier. The article challenged Washington's long-standing charge that Saddam Hussein used poison gas against the civilian population of the Kurdish village of Halabja. Pelletier disclosed that a US investigation found Iran responsible for releasing the gas.

Credit: ABC News
The-Edge congratulates the Times for running the story - and notes that The-Edge first reported this story on October 3, 2002. "Iraq Didn't Gas the Kurds?" newsPage2_newsID_244_pageID_177_subSiteID_44.html

The-Edge Scoops Peter Jennings
In January, ABC World News reported that US troops were covertly operating inside northern Iraq. The EcoMole had the story - "Inside the Secret US Invasion of Northern Iraq" - on September 27, 2002.

Website Predicts Anthrax Attack and Senator's Death
On May 25, 2001, a little-known Internet website carried a chilling prophesy: "[O]ne of a selected group of democratic Senators, likely from a state with a Republican governor, will meet an untimely death. The death will appear to be either a plane 'accident' or by 'natural causes.'"

The author of the article, identified as "Voxfux," claimed that several democratic senators were among "a group of 'selects'Etargeted for assassination." The "untimely death of at least one Democratic Senator" would be staged to restore Republican control of the senate (lost when Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords left the GOP to become an Independent).

According to Voxfux, the assassination would be carried out by "cells of ex-military/CIA 'cutouts' [that served] private covert intelligence groupsE[that] are extraordinarily well funded with petrochemical billions." These cells, VoxFux reported, are based "in Florida and Texas where such operations may operate freely and with the complete protection of those respective state governments."

"If the Senator dies of a sudden respiratory illness," VoxFux predicted, "it will most assuredly be an Anthrax hit - from a strain of Anthrax manufactured before 1977 (when [George Herbert Walker] Bush was ousted as CIA Chief)."

Four months later, an anthrax-filled envelope was sent to the office of Democratic Senator Tom Daschel. The resulting contamination of postal routes resulted in several deaths and required the costly decontamination of the senate office buildings. More than a year later, the anthrax killer remains at large. The FBI has concluded that the perpetrator most likely has ties to the CIA.

Moving on to the death-by-air scenario, VoxFux stated: "If the death occurs just prior to the midterm senatorial elections, expect it to be in a state with a close race." Wisconsin Senator Paul Wellstone was in a tight race with an opponent hand-picked by the White House. Wellstone became a target after he voted against Bush's war powers resolution.

"If it is a plane crash," VoxFux wrote, "the Senate must resolve to assure that Bush administration officials are NOT in complete charge of the investigation. There must be an independent investigative team and evidence of the crash must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the intelligence services."

On October 25, Wellstone was killed, along with his wife and daughter, in a mysterious plane crash as he was campaigning for the critical November 2002 election.

Website that Predicted Wellstone's Is Death Shut Down
On December 13, a team of Suffolk Country police and around 36 US Secret Service agents stormed an apartment building and rousted sleepy residents with shouts of "Show Me Your ID!"

The target of the raid, Harry "Vox" Stuckey - once described as the "scion of a staunchly Republican New York family" - escaped. He remains a fugitive.

Stuckey, a 39-year-old advertising maven who once considered running for congress as a Republican candidate, is the proprietor of Stuckey's apparent crime involved little more than exercising his First Amendment right to post a critical essay on his website.

Vox's troubles began when he read an AP article headlined "CIA Can Kill Citizens Who Aid Al-Qaida: Bush Doesn't Exempt Americans." The AP article examined the CIA's assassination of a US citizen killed while riding in a car in Yemen with Qaed Salim Sinan al Harethi, a member of the Al-Qaeda organization. The car and its occupants were incinerated by a missile fired by a remote-controlled CIA Predator drone.

Vox was stunned by the government's claimed that it had the right to assassinate any citizens that it judged to be consorting with the enemy. Vox was also struck by a political inconsistency behind the logic of "aid-the-enemy-and-die-a-flaming-death.

"There is no other family in American which has had closer associations and suspicious dealings with the Bin Laden family than George Bush Senior and Junior. No other Americans! Period. Prove us wrong," Vox opined.

Vox pointed out that both Bushes had business dealings with Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's older brother, thus, "by the administration's own policy, both Bushes must be immediately destroyed. No trial, no explanation, no warning - just immediate obliteration."

Shortly after the article posted on the Internet, the Feds were pounding on the doors.

Vox's satirical jibe may have cost him his website as well. On January 21, Network Solutions removed from the Internet. Adding insult to injury, Network Solutions transferred ownership of the site to a firm in Hong Kong. Network Solutions claimed that it acted after Vox failed to pay his bills.

According to reporter Sander Hicks, "Vox believes he is a victim of the war on terrorism." During an underground interview with Hicks, Vox brandished a fistful of receipts to prove that he had made all his payments. Vox vowed that he was preparing to sue Verizon/Network Solutions even as he was engaged in eluding the Political Police. [],

Caption: Mossad Chief Meir "The Gun" Dagan and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Credit: Photomanipulation/The-Edge
Foreign Agents Plotting Assassinations inside the US?
ISRAEL - Following the lead of the US State Department, which has sanctioned the CIA's assassination of terrorist sympathizers overseas, Israel's secret service, the Mossad, has reportedly received the green light to stage assassinations abroad.

United Press International reports (January 15, 2003) that Israel's "more aggressive approach to the war on terrorEwill include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries."

After interviewing nearly a dozen Israeli and US intelligence sources, UPI reported that Israel's new Mossad chief, Meir "The Gun" Dagan, has been given an increased budget and greater latitude "in fighting a global jihad." One of the Israeli intelligence sources told UPI that "diplomatic constraints have prevented the Mossad from carrying out 'preventive operations' (targeted killings) on the soil of friendly countries" but that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was "reversing that policy, even it if risks complications to Israel's bilateral relations."

The foreign assassinations would be carried out by squadrons of the Kidon (Bayonet) a sub-unit of the Mossad's secretive Metsada department.

Those who know Dagan describe him as a "hard-driven" and "reckless" individual with "a real killer instinct." One Israeli operative told the UPI that Dagan has already purged the Mossad of anyone that he judged was "too conservative or too cautious."

This is supposed to signal a change in government policy but the fact is that Israeli hit teams have acted abroad before - with mixed results.

In 1974, the Mossad attempted to kill the terrorist Ali Hassan Salemeh in Norway but wound up killing an innocent waiter instead. (The Mossad finally succeeded in killing Salemeh in Lebanon in 1976 with a car bomb but, by this time, Salemeh had become a CIA "asset." As a former CIA official put it to the UPI, the Mossad's car-bomb killing "pissed off a lot of people.")

The CIA believes that the Mossad was behind the murder of Gerald Bull, a US citizen who was killed in Belgium in 1990.

A congressional intelligence staffer told the UPI that it would be difficult for the US "to protest Israel's actions" given the fact that the CIA had just killed an Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen using a remote-controlled drone.

The FBI is charged with the duty of preventing acts of foreign terrorism inside the US but when asked to comment on the Israeli threat, an FBI spokesperson told UPI: "This is a policy matter. We only enforce federal laws."

An Israeli Embassy official in Washington told the UPI that the story was "rubbishEcompletely untrue [and]Eludicrous."

What You Can Do Contact your congressional representatives and the American Civil Liberties Union, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004,

US Coast Comes under Radioactive Attack!
USA - In January, the Waste Action Project and Ground Zero Center revealed that the US had come under attack by radioactive weapons fired from ships cruising 50 miles off the coast of Washington State.

The vessels that staged the attack were commanded by members of the US Navy. According to a memo released under the Freedom of Information Act, the USS Fife, a Navy destroyer based at Everett, Washington fired a salvo of depleted uranium (DU) rounds in a prime fishing area between Neah Bay and Ocean Shores. The Phalanx - the "Close In Weapons System" - that was activated can fire up to 4,500 20-mm rounds per minute.

Depleted uranium (U-238) is a highly toxic material that is about half as radioactive as natural uranium (U235) and has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

The Army Environmental Policy Institute warns that if DU is ingested "it has a potential to generate significant medical consequences. The risksEare both chemical and radiological."

"How can the Navy fire depleted uranium rounds and spread radioactive material into prime fishing areas off our coast?" asked Seattle environmental attorney Dave Mann.

"The firing of DU roundsEreates a hazard for Navy personnel aboard the destroyer. The ship itself becomes a radiological hazard," noted Ground Zero spokesperson Glen Milner. This could suggest a greater problem since, on August 3, 2001, the contaminated ship berthed in San Francisco for a port call. Typically, the Navy invites civilians onboard to tour its ships. Any civilians who visited the Fife during its stay could have been exposed to DU dust.

The Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action is one of five peace and environmental organizations involved in a federal lawsuit against the US Navy for violations of the Endangered Species Act and NEPA regarding the Trident D-5 nuclear missile upgrade at the Bangor submarine base.

For More Information Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action 16159 Clear Creek Road NW Poulsbo, WA 98370:

Is the Pentagon Planning to Gas Baghdad?
US - In order to avoid the bloodshed of urban warfare in the streets of Baghdad, US military planners may be preparing to use the deadly gas Fentanyl against the residents of Iraqi cities. Fentanyl, the "calmative" gas that was used to end the hostage crisis in Moscow, wound up killing 169 of the 800 people inside the theater.

According to the declassified minutes of a November 30, 2000 between US Marines and British military planners in London, the "full spectrum of force" that may be brought to bear on Baghdad may include anesthetic gases.

The minutes of that meeting have been posted online by the Sunshine Project, [], a US-German NGO. Project Director Ed Hammond believes Fentanyl or other sedative drugs will play a role in US military operations. "They want to use calmatives," Hammond states. "What the Pentagon planners clearly are anticipating is that US forces will repeatedly be put in a situation where they feel they need to drug large quantities of civilians."

The National Academies of Science [] has issued a report urging the rapid development of calmative gases and other "non-lethal weapons." The authors of the NAS report are employees of the Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Oak Ridge Laboratories, and Raytheon. All four corporations are developing non-lethal weapons.

The Pentagon's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) is proceeding with the development of these weapons despite the fact that the use of such weapons is a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention. The program currently costs $27 million per year. By 2009, the US Government will spend $200 million on "non-lethal weapons."

Toronto-based journalist and broadcaster Stephen James Kerr notes a Washington Post investigation that reported the Pentagon has embarked on a plan to wage "effects-based operations" designed to "destroy an enemy's will without harming large numbers of civilians or devastating infrastructure." Kerr knows what the use of these "effects-based operations" could mean. "If past performance is any indicator," he writes, "20 percent of Iraqis exposed will die."

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