Tools and tips for living sustainable lives and restoring the Earth.

Put out the challenge -- who's got the best plan for a sustainable society? And I don't mean sustainable for a week. Let's see if we can stick around as long as the dinosaurs did. We've got a long way to go.

-- Dave Brower

  • Solutions: The Saga of the Cork Boat John Pollack, a former Washington speechwriter, explains why he spent 25 years collecting more than 165,000 corks and wound up transforming this huge stash of bottle-stoppers into a modern recreation of a Viking longboat. In April 2002, Pollack fulfilled a lifelong dream, sailing his cork boat down Portugal's Douro River. Excerpted from Pollack's best-selling book, The Cork Boat.
    AND A Proven Pollution Solution Reporting from Portugal for Young Reporters of the Environment, Filipa Pires, Sónia Moreira and Catarina Bastos celebrate the introduction of hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered public buses. (02/14/04)
  • Solutions: Beijing Beats Bush's Hydrogen Promise, Brit Kit Bags for Kenyan Vets, Energy Champs and Green Gyms, Going Green in Glastonbury, Something You Can Put Your Trust In, The Magical Mister-E Tour, No More Wasted Effort, Tree-free Paper. (2/21/03)
  • Solutions: Chill Out with NASA's Coolest Creation, Heat Your House, Light Your Lamps, Make Clean Water, Fuel Your Car, Water Tips from Drips to Traps, & Power? Greenpeace and the Body Shop Summit Up (08/09/02)
  • Solutions: Water Beetle Gets the Bugs Out, Is Your Eco-magazine 'Tree-Free", How to Help the World's Best Doctors Save the Lives of Millions (7/26/02)
  • Solutions: The State of the Seas, The Heat Beneath our Feet, Volcano Produces 'Magma-watts,' Urban Parks, the Cellphone Deluge, Subvert Suburbia & the New Urbanism (6/22/02)

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