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I was not always unreasonable, and I am sorry for that. -- Dave Brower

  • Smithereens:
    War/Dance: The Children Who Danced Away from War
    Film Review by Gar Smith / The-Edge

    This unforgettable Sundance Award-winning documentary by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix tells the unlikely story of a band of war-damaged children who briefly escape the confines of their refugee camp in northern Uganda in a bid for national stardom. (2/12/08)
  • Smithereens:
    Ralph Nader: Redemption of an Unreasonable Man
    Film Review by Gar Smith / The-Edge

    A new, thought-provoking documentary profiles a controversial rabble-rouser and asks the question: "How does a man go from being a hero to a pariah?" The film also makes a persuasive case that Ralph Nader didn't put George Bush in the Whitehouse. (3/9/07)
  • Smithereens:
    Jesus Camp: America through Evangelical Eyes
    Catching Fire: An Emotional Evening with a South African Hero
    An Evening with Helen Thomas 9 The First Lady of the Press
  • Smithereens:
    Financial Spying that Might Make Sense
    Gar Smith /

    A secret government surveillance network has been mining the globe's largest financial communications network --12.7 million messages and $6 trillion in transfers per day. So can the government identify the mysterious investors who stood to make $15 million by betting American Airlines and United stock would crash on September 11? (7/27/06)
  • Smithereens:
    - How to Tell if Your Guru Is a Dodo
    By Gar Smith. This satirical essay was censored by the new owners of Common Ground magazine. Read it here for the first time.
    - KPIX Nixed for 'Fake News'
    - Zawadi - The Gift of Tea
    - Torture: From State Secret to Child's Play
    - US to World: 'Save our Democracy.'
    - Who Is for Impeachment?
  • Smithereens:
    The Time Is Right for a "War-Strike"
    Gar Smith / The-Edge

    The Pentagon doesn't like to admit it, but there have been war-strikes in the past. In WWI, a spontaneous war-strike broke out on Christmas Eve 1919. During WW II, hundreds of black Navy sailors refused to load ammunition after an explosion leveled much of Port Chicago, near San Francisco. During the Vietnam War, resistance to the war ranged from refusing orders to desertion and sabotage. (4/4/06)
  • Smithereens:
    Does Ford Really Know "the Way Ahead"?
    If William Clay Ford really wants to go down in automotive history as a "Green" CEO, he should think about manufacturing a car that gets "fewer wars to the gallon."
    Advertising's New Look
    If you've watched TV recently, you've probably seen it -- the omnipresent look of "stoopfuddlement."
    A Humble Proposal on the
    Matter of State-sanctioned Murders

    California is preparing to execute another prisoner. Would things be different if the Governor was required to attend the execution? (2/25/06)
  • Smithereens:
    - The War on Terror and the Privatization of Freedom
    - Frito-Lay Explains Why So Many Americans Are Fat
    - Naming the Next Hurricanes (1/19/06)
  • Smithereens:
    The Patriots of Guantanamo
    Gar Smith

    A small band of men is willing to die to protect the principles of the Bill of Rights. They aren't soldiers or civil libertarians 9 they are a group of "enemy combatants" on a hunger-strike in the US prison at Guantanamo.

    The Best Pension Deal in America
    Gar Smith

    I'm one of the original Baby Boomers. I'm at the age when I can expect to look forward to retirement but unlike other Boomers, my pension is guaranteed and I've never had to work a day in my life. Can you guess who I am? (12/19/05)
  • Smithereens:
    - Can Microchips Be Green? The-Edge Hangs Out With Scott McNealy
    - Climate Change: Notes from a Bioneers Panel
    - The War on Terror and the Privatization of Freedom
    - Why Citizens Don't Speak Up More (11/28/05)
  • Smithereens:
    Save the Superdome!
    There's no need to replace the Superdome with an expensive new stadium. But it is time for an upgrade.
    A Memorial to the 73 Soldiers Who Died on Duty while the Commander-in-Chief Was on Vacation
  • Smithereens:
    The Pup Tent that's a Poop Tent, Rethinking Taxation -- Corporate Scofflaws and the Chan Plan, Darth before Dishonor: Star Wars and the American Empire, Chevron Claims a New Identity, Local Activists Clobber Unocal, Enviros Sue Bush over Global Warming, and The Man behind Laura Bush's Comic Debut. (5/26/05)
  • Smithereens:
    Taking the Toxic Tour - Check Out Our New Movie!
    Happy Equinox - A Salute to a Special Global Moment
    Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Planned for June
    'Who Wants to Be Homeland Security Chief?'
    206,000 Missing Votes
    A Commemorative Inaugural Poster
  • Smithereens: The Unabomber Scare: How Pack Journalism Hounded the US Environmental Movement By Gar Smith / The-Edge (11/28/04)
  • Smithereens: Saying 'No to War' on April 15: A Letter from a War-tax Resister Edge editor Gar Smith responds to the IRS's threat to initiate a seizure of his assets for sending income-tax checks written to non-military departments of the government.(04/12/04)
  • Smithereens: "Jessica Lynch: She Is a Victim, Too." Edge Editor Gar Smith re-reads the widely published Veteran's Day excerpt from Pfc. Jessica Lynch's new book and discovers a disturbing message about what it means "to be an American." AND "Christmas in the Trenches." A heart-rending song inspired by a true event from World War I that celebrates the triumph of human community over militarism. Music and lyrics by John McCutcheon (12/17/03)
  • Smithereens: "Arnold Rules: Has California Been Terminated?" Recall ruminations from Edge Editor Gar Smith. (10/24/03)
  • Smithereens: Outrage!: Bush and Blair Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, by Gar Smith. Why Not a Nobel Peace Prize for Saddam Hussein? (8/22/03)
  • Smithereens: Tripped Up on the Road to Freedom; Good Demos: Bad Demos; No More Euphemisms: It's the War Department; The World Needs a New Kind of War Bonds; Reigns of Terror: In Iraq and in the US; Assassinations Are Us; Democracy Can Wait: First Let's Rubuild Iraq's Political Terror System; America the Booty-full; Affluenza ad Aspera; A Prayer for Waroholics. (8/1/03)
  • Smithereens 2: The Politics of "Giving Back"; Virtual Primaries Draw a Wide Range of Political Favorites; Tax Relief for the Poor, Unemployed and Laid-off; Bush Lies about Economic "Growth" and Destroys Contrary Evidence; Why Howard's Not the Dean of Peace Candidates; An Editorial-page Essay or a Slab of Spam?; Oil Company Honored: Was the Vote Rigged?; The US Economy Is Feeling Bushed. (8/1/03)
  • Smithereens: Special Iraq Edition "The Toppled Statue Hoax," "An Interest in Conflicts; a Conflict-of-Interest," "PBS (the Pentagon Broadcasting System) Debuts, "The Fugitive Kind," "My Guy's a Winner; Your Guy's a Wiener," and "Hi-falutin' Tax Inequities." (4/23/03)
  • Smithereens: Lessons from the Challenger Explosion (2/14/03)
  • Smithereens: "Dear Dan, Tom and Peter: 'Watch Your Language'." In much of the US media, pre-war reporting is little more than pro-war reporting (2/7/03)
  • Smithereens: The Lens is Mightier than the Penn, Who Supplied Saddam's Weapons? George H. W. Bush Did! Does Bin Laden Have a Guardian Angel? Billions Given to Missile Boondoggle, and much more (12/27/02)
  • Smithereens: The Silence of the Bombs: Washington's War on Iraq Enters its Twelfth Year (9/27/02)
  • Smithereens: Chris Matthews' Final Volley. What Would Osama Say?├╗Did bin Laden Anticipate Ashcroft's America? Another Jewell in the FBI's Crown? Remembering Veronica Moore. (09/20/02)
  • Smithereens: September 11: Part I - Beyond the Buzzwords: Motives and Alternatives (09/13/02)
  • Smithereens: September 11, Part II (09/13/02)
  • Confessons of a Simpering, Pinko Moron, Enviro-twit: A Note from The-Edge (09/06/02)
  • 'Electric Poverty': Is there Life without Alternating Current? (09/06/02)
  • Smithereens: The EcoPorn Award; Is Bush Planning to Whack Burma and Egypt?; Oil Divers Are the New Eco-Heros; Bush Uses Weapons to Keep Allies in Line; Pentagon Caught Fixing Major Wargame; CEO's Get Emergency Hot-line to White House; Conservative Analysts Scold Bush/Ashcroft ; Reading between the Headlines; Resolving to Defend the Bill of Rights (08/30/02)
  • Smithereens: ECO-PORN: The-Edge Rolls Out its New Award, Biomimicry Mimicry Mockery, London's Alternative Bookstores Hit with Rightwing Lawsuits, Rising Temps Could Doom Island Life, Have We Evolved as a Society? (08/02/02)
  • Smithereens: Let's Invade the WTO, The Arithmetic of Terror, Forget Growth: What the World Needs Is Shrinth. (07/19/02)
  • Smithereens: Ten Difficult Things You Can Do to Save the Earth; With an extra item thrown in in case any one of these is too extreme or unpalatable. (05/15/02)
  • Smithereens: News from the offices of EXIT - Environmentalists for Xenophobic Immigrant Trashing (05/15/02)
  • Smithereens: Tourists in Space (05/15/02)

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