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The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.

-- Dave Brower
  • Hoots & Hollers:
    'Pop Stars Won't Save the Planet'
    By Tony Juniper

    FOE/UK's director steps down from his post and takes a few parting shots at various politicians and celebrities. (2/12/08)

  • Hoots & Hollers:
    Economic Collapse And Global Ecology
    Dr. Glen Barry / Earth Meanders

    Given widespread failure to pursue policies sufficient to avoid ecological collapse, perhaps the best we can hope for is that the growth-based economic system crashes sooner rather than later. (2/12/08)

  • Hoots & Hollers:
    Duty, Honor, Country 2007
    An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation
    By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

  • Hoots & Hollers:
    A Message to America:
    Who Are the Patriots
    By Dr. Bob Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    A Broad Coalition Calls for Nanotechnology Oversight
    Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Ban Fluoride! Health, Scientific, Environmental and Legal Professionals Call for an End to Water Fluoridation

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    'Dear Bluegreen Earth Colleagues'
    By Ponderosa Pine

    A Plan to Save the US From a Dictatorial Police State

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    The Hidden Cause of Global Warming
    By Daniel Howden / The Independent

    Uganda Wants Industrialized Nations
    To Pay for Climate Change
    The Economist

  • Hoots and Hollers: Special Edition
    The Truth about Oil and Iraq
    Hon. Dennis J. Kucknich / US House of Representatives
    by Gar Smith / The-Edge.org

    On May 23, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-IL) invoked a rarely used House rule of "personal privilege" to gain one hour of time in Congress for the purpose of detailing the underreported efforts of the White House and members of Congress to privatize the oil of Iraq. His message: "Oil was the primary reason for the invasion of Iraq. The oil wealth of Iraq could be worth as much as $21 trillion. Nearly 3,400 sons and daughters of America have been sacrificed. As many as 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed. The taxpayers of the United States will pay between one and two trillion dollars for this war, which is based on lies." (6/2/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope
    by Anna Marie Carter

    South Central Los Angeles has the highest crime rates, the largest drug saturation, the greatest welfare recipient population yet, in the midst of this toxic atmosphere, seeds are sprouting, organic gardens are thriving, and healthy, whole foods are becoming part of everyday life. (5/8/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Some Inconvenient Truths about Al Gore's Environmental History
    by Mitchel Cohen / Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

    Former Presidential Candidate Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and as his film, "An Inconvenient Truth," has been receiving all sorts of awards, including an Oscar. This is a good time to question whether Al Gore's proposals for addressing the major calamity of global climate change are anywhere near sufficient. They're not, and here's why. (4/4/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Bush/Cheney and the Environment
    A Speech by Former Vice President Al Gore

    Al Gore speaks about the policies of the Bush/Cheney administration regarding national security, economic policy, civil liberties, the environment and concludes that George W. Bush is a moral coward. (4/4/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Climate Change Threatens World Economy
    By Robert Peston / BBC World News

    The Stern Report, an independent review commissioned by Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer, has warned of the devastating impact of climate change on the global economy. (Excerpted from BBC report.)

    Climate Change Action is Needed Now -- Here's the Plan
    By George Monbiot / The Guardian

    How do we address climate change without bringing civilization crashing down? Here is a Ten Point Plan for drastic but affordable action that the industrialized world could take. (3/9/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Cuba after Fidel:
    An Evening with Saul Landau
    by Gar Smith/ The-Edge.org

    Author of more than ten books and the Emmy-wining director of more than 40 political documentaries reflects on the evolution of the Cuban revolution and contemplates "Cuba without Fidel." (1/30/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Ecological Collapse and Fascism
    by Dr. Glen Barry / Earth Meanders

    One of America's primary civil rights -- freedom from military rule -- is under assault. In the next national catastrophe, President Bush wants the military to play an increased role. One immediate consequence of Hurricane Katrina may be removal of long-standing legal limits for deploying the US military upon American soil. (1/2/07)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning
    by Wamsutta. a Wapanoag Elder

    When the Commonwealth of Massachusetts held its annual Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth in 1970, it invited a Wampanoag elder known as Wamsutta to address the celebration. When the text of the speech became known, the Commonwealth withdrew its invitation. Wamsutta's censored speech remains a powerful indictment of the history of oppression inflicted on Native Americans by the Pilgrims.

    George W. Bush Pardons a Turkey
    The Rose Garden / Thanksgiving 2006

    Turkeys, Pardons and Frying Pan Park
    Arundhati Roy / World Social Forum 2004

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation
    Anuradha Mittal & Frederic Mousseau / The Oakland Institute

    Big Hydro Hides its Role in Global Warming
    International Rivers Network

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Embracing Global Warming
    Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

    Global warming is not an imminent threat. It is not something that we should be trying to prevent for the simple reason that global warming is not the future 9 it is the present. In the long run, it may be bad for human civilization but it could be a good thing for the planet.

    For My People, Climate Change Is a Matter of Life and Death
    Sabihuddin Ahmed / The lndependent (UK)

    In Bangladesh, the future has arrived. We have environmental refugees because our country is unusually vulnerable to climate change. (10/18/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    NASA Drops Plutonium; Goes Solar
    Prof. Karl Grossman, the Author of The Wrong Stuff, reports that NASA has finally admitted that renewable solar energy is the best long-range power source for the space program.

    Embracing Global Warming
    Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society argues that global warming is now an "imminent threat." Why? Because it's already happening. And since it's not too late to "prevent global warming, the question is: are we going to be able to adapt? If not, climate change could be bad for human society but, ultimately, good for planet Earth. (9/22/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    An Open letter to George W. Bush
    Ralph Nader

    On August 14, 2006, following the devastating attacks on the cities and citizens of Lebanon, America's best-known Lebanese-American, consumer activist Ralph Nader, sent this stinging letter to George W. Bush. (9/3/06)

    Reflections on Patriotism
    Julia Butterfly Hill

    "I am ashamed that my President speaks about "liberty," "freedom," and "democracy" yet our country continues to carry forward a centuries-long agenda of environmental destruction, social inequity, imperialism, and violence." (9/3/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Secrecy and the Curtain of Oz
    John Graham / the Giraffe Heroes Project

    A former top-secret nuclear war planner argues for the importance of maintaining state secrets but cautions that under the Bush/Cheney regime, "America is becoming Oz -- the place where unaccountable power rules by fear from behind a curtain, emitting smoke and noise." (7/27/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    The Nature of Imprisonment
    Quaker peace activist Joanne Cowan discovers that the world inside prison walls still has plenty of room for nature. (6/25/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    A Photographer's Eco-rotic Love Affair with People and Trees
    Jack Gescheidt explains how his love of trees led to a unique body of photographic expression.

    What's it Like To Be in a TreeSpirit Photo?
    Jurek Zarzycki recalls the experience of becoming a naked, tree-hugging photo model. (6/25/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Speaking Spoof to Power: Colbert Storms the White House
    A complete, annotated transcript of satirist Steven Colbert's daring routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington, DC. (6/2/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Stephen Colbert's "Audition Tape."
    A transcript of Colbert's accompanying video, shown at the DC media dinner. (6/2/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Defending the Double Standard: Why Not Jail the Corporations?
    By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
    The American Pavilion Goes Green at Cannes 2006
    By Susan Steeno / GS Entertainment
    Ahmadinejad: Lost in Translation
    By the Little Red Email (6/2/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Petting My Cat; Preparing for Prison
    By Robin Lloyd

    Robin Lloyd was among those arrested during nonviolent protests against the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Lloyd wrote this note to friends shortly after she was ordered to "self-report'" to prison on April 11.

    Baghdad Burning
    By Riverbend / Girl Blog from Iraq

    It has been three years since the beginning of the occupation and bloodshed that marked the end of Iraq's independence. Spring should be about renewal and rebirth. For Iraqis, spring has been about preparing for future disasters. (5/3/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    What Lies Ahead in Iraq?
    By Tom Hayden / Special to The-Edge

    The plans for 'Strategic Redeployment' in Iraq should be met with skepticism. One of the oldest imperial stratagems is to divide and conquer, incite sectarian divisions, and justify military occupation to "keep the natives from killing each other." This is precisely the justification for continued war that is heard from those who now have admitted the original invasion was a mistake.

    The Confessions of John Perkins
    By Gar Smith / The-Edge

    During a visit to Berkeley's Martin Luther King Jr., High School, John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, gave an audience at a couple of chilling anecdotes and took a few unexpected hits from local activist Anuradha Mittal. (4/4/06)

  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Market Forces Seek to Control the Essence of Life - Water
    Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow

    More than a billion people on the planet lack access to clean water. Nearly 2 billion lack adequate sewage and sanitation. Dirty water kills two children every minute. But turning control of the world's water over to private for-profit corporations is not the solution.

    The Tlatokan Atlahuak Declaration
    The Tlatokan Atlahuak Declaration was issued by the Indigenous delegates to a people's counter-conference held alongside the Fourth World Water Forum in Mexico City in March. The declaration reaffirms the sacredness of water and the importance of water not to be privatized. (4/4/06)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Climate Change: On the Edge by Jim Hansen
    NASA's leading climate modeler speaks out about the imminent threat of irreversible climate collapse and the Bush administration's attempts to silence him
    Shadow of Extinction by George Monbiot / The Guardian
    A leading British environmental commentator reflects on sobering evidence that life on Earth is a fragile enterprise -- as the geological record proves. (2/25/06)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    A Cross in the Road: Why I Was Arrested at Fort Benning by Joanne Cowan
    The Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade by Russell Mokhiber (1/19/06)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Wind Catchers: Marin's Maverick Wind Power Proponents Peter Asmus
    In the 1970s vertical axis wind-generators were praised for their efficiency but the corporate take-over of solar and wind technology drove the market towards larger, high-tech products. Now, a California company is struggling to revive the vertical-axis design with turbines that keep spinning no matter which way the wind blows. (12/19/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    The WTO Destroys Farmers and the Environment
    Anuradha Mittal / The Oakland Institute

    A report from Hong Kong. As Pascal Lamy acknowledged at the opening ceremony of the WTO Ministerial, "the WTO is not the most popular international organization around, to say the least."

    Freedom to Trade or Freedom from Hunger?
    Anuradha Mittal / The Oakland Institute

    While the specter of mass starvation continues to haunt Niger, Malawi and other developing nations, trade negotiators in Hong Kong face a simple question: Do we want freedom from hunger or freedom to trade?

    Food Aid or Food Sovereignty?
    The Oakland Institute

    The Oakland InstituteĀ¹s report, Food Aid or Food Sovereignty? Ending World Hunger in Our Time, calls for drastic changes in the international food aid system to make it more effective at preventing large-scale hunger emergencies. (12/19/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    An Edge Exclusive:
    A Speech to the Business & Environment Program in San Francisco
    (November 7, 2005)
    By His Royal Highness Prince Charles
    Part 1: Concern for a World in Peril (11/28/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    By His Royal Highness Prince Charles
    Part 2: The Right Kind of Growth (11/28/05)
  • Hoots & Hollers:
    Katrinas Warning to the Empire of Oil
    Richard Register

    The Father of the EcoCity Movement warns that the devastation in New Orleans was a direct consequence of an urban empire built on the false foundation of cheap oil -- and provides a guide to rebuiling New Orleans and other world cities to survive the impacts of extreme weather. (9/18/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Remembering Ben White By Mark "The Bermanator" Berman / Earth Island Institute
    The Promise By Ric O'Barry / One Voice
    We Need More People Like Ben By James A Yoder
    Ben White's Spirit By Gar Smith / The-Edge
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Ben White Penetrates
    The Veil with Dignity
    By Kelley Balcomb-Bartok / San Juan Journal
    One of the Most Effective
    Animal Protectors of Our Time
    By Jim Nollman / San Juan Journal
    Julia and Ben Jr.
    Have Lost a Father and a Friend
    By Liza Michaelson / San Juan Journal
  • Hoots and Hollers: The Most Cowardly War in History
    Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy's opening address at the concluding session of the World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul, Turkey, June 22-27, 2005. (7/22/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Interviews with the Survivors of Abu Ghraib
    US Citizen Journalist Dahr Jamail's testimony before the World Tribunal on Iraq.

    Dear America: The Fire Is Spreading and We Are the Arsonists
    Eve Ensler, the author of "The Vagina Monologues," delivered this passionate statement at the conclusion of the World Tribunal on Iraq. (7/22/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Independence Day 2005: Reflections on Patriotism
    By Julia Butterfly Hill
    The Meaning (and Demeaning) of Life: Reflections on the Terri Schiavo Case
    By Gar Smith (7/5/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    Will our Ecosystem Survive the Millennium?
    By David Suzuki
    The State of the World and What to Do
    By John McConnell (7/5/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: An Interview with Julia Butterfly Hill: Part 1
    Tax Resistance and the Wages of Peace (5/26/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: An Edge Interview with Julia Butterfly Hill: Part 2
    Eco-morality, the Book of Revelations, and the Politics of Jesus (5/26/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    An Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice By Lloyd Axworthy / Winnepeg Free Press
    Regaining My Humanity: A Soldier's Tale By Camilo Mejia / http://freecamilo.org/ (4/3/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Peak Oil and 9/11: Part 1
    Michael C. Ruppert A Matter of Planetary Survival
    From an August 31, 2004 address before the San Francisco Commonwealth Club (2/25/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Peak Oil and 9/11: Part 2
    Michael C. Ruppert Dick Cheney's Mysterious War-games (2/25/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Peak Oil and 9/11: Part 3
    Michael C. Ruppert The Last Days of the Oil Economy
    And now for some good news:
    A Short List of Some Environmental Victories in 2005 Katelyn Sabochik / SaveOurEnvironment.org (2/25/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers:
    A Near-Death in the Solomons By Ric O'Barry
    Sister Dorothy Is Assassinated in Brazil The Sisters of Notra Dame de Namur (2/25/05)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Martin Luther King Speaks out on Iraq
    One can't help but wonder what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have to say about the current war in Iraq. The-Edge couldn't wait to answer that question. Using Dr. King's least-known but most revolutionary speech, "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence," The-Edge has substituted the word "Iraq" for Vietnam. The result is a chilling warning from beyond the grave. "If America's soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read [Iraq]. It can never be saved so long as it destroys the deepest hopes of men the world over." (1/28/05)
  • Hoots & Hollers:
    Twelve Ways to Steal the Vote in Ohio By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
    Millions Disenfranchised? By Kat L'Estrange / Citizens for Legitimate Government
    The 'Red Shift': Situation Critical Citizens for Legitimate Government. (11/16/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: The Strange Death of Paul Wellstone Jim Fetzer (10/29/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers:
    After Da Vote, It's Time for Devotions By Swami Beyondananda
    World Food Day and the Plight of Women By FIAN International
    Green Ethnic Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area List by Thimmakka.org (10/29/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: Modechai Vanunu Defies Jail to Speak By Christopher Bollyn / American Free Press (10/04/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: Declarations from Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba and Nagasaki Mayor Iccho Itoh offer messages of hope to the world on the 49th anniversary of the US nuclear attack on their cities and declare a "Year of Remembrance and Action for a Nuclear-Free World." (08/29/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: Rallying 'round 'The Rapture' By Bill Berkowitz / WorkingForChange Take a war and a lengthy occupation of a Middle East country. Mix in talk of pre-emptive nuclear strikes; add the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict and a dollop of war and talk of more wars. Combine these ingredients with your everyday earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, drought and hurricanes, and blend it all together with an administration packed with true believers. Lord knows, this concoction is ample enough to get you thinking about the End of Times. (07/31/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: The Fahrenheit 9/11 Firestorm: Turning Up the Heat on Bush By Michael Moore The feisty filmmaker behind "Bowling for Columbine" is shocked, but delighted, by the phenomenal response to his latest documentary. Moore reflects on what the film's popular success means for the Bush administration and the war-complicit corporate media. (07/18/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers:
    Confessions of a Recovering Pyroholic By Gar Smith / The-Edge A personal memoir from a former fireworks technician who survived to become an environmental activist.
    Space Privatization: Road to Conflict? By Bruce K. Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space The first civilian space pilot has returned from a triumphal leap into space. With the promise of "space tourism" much in the news, the corporate "market plan" for commercializing space involves a frightening military component. (06/27/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: A Letter to George W. Bush By Richard N. Goldman The 2004 Goldman Environmental Prize introductory speech. And the Winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize for 2004. (06/04/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: The acceptance speeches of the 2004 Goldman Environmental Award Winners:
    North America: Margie Richard (Louisiana)
    Africa: Rudolf N. Amenga-Etego (Accra, Ghana)
    Europe: Manana Kochladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    South and Central America: Libia R. Grueso (Castelblanco, Buenaventura, Colombia)
    Islands and Island Nations: Demetrio do Amaral de Carvalho (Dili, East Timor)
    Asia: Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla (Bhopal, India) (06/04/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: FBI and Oakland Pay Earth First $4 Million A fourteen-year saga ended last Friday, May 7, when the FBI and the City of Oakland paid Earth First! activists Darryl Cherney and the late Judi Bari $4 million for violations of their Constitutional rights in the wake of an attempted assassination attempt against the environmentalists.
    May 24 Is 'Judi Bari Day' in Oakland RESOLVED, that the City of Oakland shall encourage its schools, civic institutions and citizens to memorialize Judi Bari's work through art, media, festivals, school assignments and other creative means.
    Wavy Gravy: The Good-humored Humanitarian by Paul Krassner
    Ram Dass calls Hog Farm Founder Wavy Gravy a "mahatma of the Cosmic Giggle." Bob Weir hails Wavy as "a saint in a clown suit." And thanks to Wavy's dedication, thousands of people in the Third World have had their sight restored through the work of the Seva Foundation. (05/23/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: 'I Am Your Spy' The heartfelt poem-manifesto written by Mordechai Vanunu during the early days of his captivity and smuggled out of Ashkelon Prison.
    Vanunu: The Terrible Secret Israeli author and peace activist Uri Avnery suggests that the real reason the Sharon government imposed a travel and speaking ban on Vanunu was to prevent him from drawing attention to the US role in his kidnapping and in the development of Israel's nuclear weapons program. (05/17/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: The Righteous Vengeance of the Magnificent Bastards Lt. Col. Paul Kennedy / US Marine Corps In an email message sent to reassure the families of the soldiers under his command, Lt. Col. Kennedy offered a glimpse inside the mindset and worldview of the officers entrusted with the goal of "liberating Iraq." AND "What Are You Doing about Afghanistan?" Sonali Kolhatkar / the Afghan Women's Mission In her Open Letter to the Anti-War Movement, the co-director of Afghan Women's Mission declares that "US actions in Afghanistan are not failures or mistakes, but crimes" and urges the world's peace activists not to forget Afghanistan. (04/26/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: 'This War Threatens Our Democracy' Julia Butterfly Hill explains her decision to divert $150,000 in personal taxes from the government's military budget into sustainable, life-affirming programs. Tax Resistance Is Easy. Why Won't We Say So? Dave Gross replies to an Edge essay with a personal account of the joys of tax resistance. Two News Stories the IRS Would Rather You Not Read. Woman Triumphs over IRS in Million-dollar Tax Case. Former IRS Agent Says: 'Don't Worry about Paying Taxes' (04/12/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: Corporations Are Psychopathic Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, and Mr. Bush Is Right! Let's Bomb Ireland! Monty Python's Terry Jones / The Observer (London) (04/12/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: The Howard Dean 'Beat-down': Big Media Unmasked as Foe of Democracy by Glen Ford and Peter Gamble / The Black Commentator
    Howard Dean has joined the list of victims of US corporate media consolidation. Dean shares this distinction with Dennis Kucinich and the people of the formerly sovereign state of Iraq. Dean was stripped of half his popular support in the space of two weeks in January while John Kerry -- tied in the polls with Carol Moseley-Braun at seven percent just two months earlier -- rose like a genie from a bottle to become the overnight presidential frontrunner. (02/27/04)
  • Hoots & Hollers: An Open Letter to the UN Secretary-General Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark characterizes George W. Bush as a remorseless murderer who has committed illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. Clark shows how Bush's invasions match the international definitions of "wars of aggression" and calls on the United Nations to demand that the US end its illegal occupation withdraw from Iraq. (02/14/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "The Cycle of Life: Pedaling the Soft Path." Recovering auto-holic Jim Doherty describes how he broke his addiction to automobiles and discovered bicycles. If you want to save the world -- and improve your physical and mental health in the process -- you should turn off the telly and pick up a bike. (01/31/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "Bush/Cheney and the Environment." In a stinging speech delivered at New York's Beacon Theater on January 15, 2004, Former Vice President Al Gore accused the current administration of ignoring a looming environmental calamity and accused George W. Bush of being "a moral coward." (01/31/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth?" Inspired by the tragic events in Iraq, Willie Nelson has written an anti-war song -- only the second protest song he has ever written. The lyrics are available on The-Edge. AND "The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism." Political scientist. Lawrence Britt studied the fascist regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto, and Pinochet and discovered that all these regimes shared 14 common "identifying characteristics of fascism." See how George W. Bush's America compares. (01/17/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "America's Longest Night." Doris "Granny D" Haddock has walked thousands of miles to spread a message of activism to fellow Americans. She has confronted politicians and inspired millions. This is Granny D's Solstice Speech, delivered on the longest night of the year in 2003. (01/17/04)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "The Bitter Harvest of Palestine." Intrepid activist-reporter John Ross travels to the Occupied Territories to help Palestinian farmers harvest their olives and is brutally beaten by a fanatic group of fellow Jews calling themselves the "Children of God." (12/17/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "On Freedom and Security: Why The Bush Administration is 'Un-American' -- Part 1." (11/21/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "On Freedom and Security: Why The Bush Administration is 'Un-American' -- Part 2." (11/21/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "No Taxes for War," by Julia Butterfly Hill. The country's best-known tree-sitter goes out on a limb for peace by refusing to pay federal taxes to support US wars. AND "US Nobel Laureate Calls Bush the 'Worst' President in US History." Germany's Der Spiegel magazine interviews Economics Professor and Nobel Prizewinner George A. Akerlof. Akerlof believes that George W. Bush's economic, foreign, social and environmental policies have proven so "irresponsible" that it may become necessary for the American people "to engage in civil disobedience." (10/24/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "Weapons of Mass Deception Not Topical?" Author John Stauber details how Big Media has blackballed his newest book.
    "A Farmer's Suicide: A Farmer's Message." Before South Korean farmer Kyung-Hae Lee took his life in Cancun to protest the WTO, he wrote a message to the world explaining his despair. "A Death on the Barricades." A report on the Cancun protests from Food First. "We Won in Cancun!" A post-conference statement from Via Campesina. (10/3/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: FirstEnergy's History of Predatory Energy Manipulation. At the center of the Great Blackout is an energy company with ties to the White House and a legacy of dirty tricks. The author, a former Cleveland mayor, was one of the company's victims. By Dennis Kucinich / US House of Representatives (9/12/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Bush Turns Blind Eye to Blackout Culprit: FirstEnergy Raised Thousands for Bush Campaign by Tyson Slocum / Special to CorpWatch and the Great Blackout's Great Coincidence by Cheryl Seal / IndyMedia (9/12/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: Blackouts Come from Dim Planning Decisions by Amory Lovins / Rocky Mountain Institute, Blackout Shines Light on Solar, Renewable Alternatives by SolarAccess.com News, and Renewable Energy Stocks Rise after Largest Blackout in US History by ECON Corporate Services (9/12/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "The World's Weather Has Gone Haywire" by Gar Smith / The-Edge and "The Shadow of Extinction" by George Monbiot / The Guardian (London) (8/22/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "A Strange Kind of Freedom" by Arundhati Roy / The Guardian (5/8/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "I Was a Human Shield," by Billie Moskona-Lerman. An extraordiary report by a Jewish journalist who went underground to spend a harrowing night under fire with a Palestinian family. Excerpted from Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper. (4/23/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "In Defense of the Environment: Putting Poverty to the Sword," by Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and "Today, I Weep for My Country... ," by US Senator Robert Byrd (4/11/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "Stop This War, Now," by Congressmember Dennis J. Kucinich and "A US Ambassador Resigns," by US Ambassador Mary Wright (4/11/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "Now I am the Terrorist" by William Rivers Pitt and "Greetings from Baghdad" by John Ross. (4/4/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "The Bubble of American Superiority," by George Soros (The Korean Herald) (3/28/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "A 'Just War' or Just a War?" by Jimmy Carter. Nobel Peace Prize WIniner and President Jimmy Carter reflects on why Washington's plan for war would violate religious teachings as well as international laws. (3/21/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "The New Bush Doctrine: The Wrong Path to Our Nation's Security," by US Senator Dianne Feinstein and "An Appeal to the Pope to Stop the Bombs," by Dr. Helen Caldicott. (3/21/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "I Am What You Are Going to Destory," by Charlotte Aldebron (Age 12) / Wiretap (3/14/03)
  • Hoots and Hollers: "Bush's War Plan Intends 'Crimes against Humanity'," by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman and "What Can the World Do if the US Attacks Iraq?" by Jeremy Brecher. (3/14/03)
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  • Hoots and Hollers: A World Fit for Us - Statement from the Children's Forum to the United Nations (02/22/02)
As India and Pakistan faced the abyss of nuclear war, Arundhati Roy penned a heart-rending appeal for peace.

"It's not just the one million soldiers on the border who are living on hair-trigger alert," she concluded. "It's all of us. That's what nuclear bombs do. Whether they're used or not, they violate everything that is humane. They alter the meaning of life itself. Why do we tolerate them? Why do we tolerate these men who use nuclear weapons to blackmail the entire human race?"This May, delegates from more than 180 countries convened for a United Nations summit called to confront the dangers facing the world's children.

The US delegation distinguished itself by objecting to a global treaty to prohibit the execution of children. The Bush administration also allied itself with strict Islamic governments and the Vatican to oppose any form of birth control short of sexual abstinence. Two young women set history by addressing the United Nations conference. Their appeal to the world (and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's response) deserve the widest readership. Read the complete statements on The-Edge.

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